Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Savannah & Charleston

Last week Curt had work off.
We had planned on doing Rome or Paris or Hawaii.
But then Des had throw up sickness just before and I wasn't feeling well so we didn't.
Thank goodness we didn't, 9 or 10 hours on a plane with the kids would not have been good.

But, no exotic location aside, the week was awesome.
Monday: home
Tuesday: Savannah, GA and Tybee Island beach
Wednesday: Charleston, SC
Thursday: drove home
Friday: electricians came and installed can lighting in my downstairs{!}

Here are a smattering of trip pictures.

First we went to Forsyth Park, which was crazy busy for a Tuesday afternoon.
Which didn't make sense until we found out it was local spring break. Oh.

Des played on the playground then we headed to Tybee Island to check out the beach.

It was fun while it lasted but was a little cold for our taste so we headed out to check in to the hotel.

We stayed in Residence Inns each night and can I tell you how I love having a separate bedroom and a kitchen when traveling with kids?
Especially when one of those kids is a three year old who will eat literally nothing at restaurants except for fries and ice cream and maybe a bite of pizza.

We had an hour long standoff in a Chick-Fil-A where Des just held a bite of chicken in his mouth and ultimately opted out of getting to play on the play set to spit it out. Ay-yi-yi.

Wednesday morning we walked around Savannah's historic district.
I will refrain from posting the one-beeeleon pictures I took, but suffice it to say that there were pretty architectural details + gorgeous, huge, old, spanish moss covered trees.

Then we drove to Charleston and toured an old aircraft carrier.

We stayed the night then drove back home.
I'll show pictures of our new lighting in a house update post.
But shocker, I love it.

And as for Rome or Paris or Hawaii...maybe we'll do those trips sans kids.


Sharee said...

Hey, seriously, let me know when/if you guys do Paris/Rome sans kids. It is my dream to go and I would like to go with another couple. Preferably someone like me who wants to do absolutely everything you can fit in every waking moment and is not lazy about vacations at all. I could drive someone crazy with my GO-GO-GO attitude on vacation....

Carmen said...

Sharee, will do. That would be a blast to go with you guys. I don't know if I'm a go-go-go vacation person, but I know I would be able to do sooo many more things in a vacation day without the kids. Not complaining, just a fact.

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