Friday, November 23, 2012

Baby Evie

Evangeline Melody Hostetler (Evie) made her debut at 1:14am on Friday morning (11/16/12).

 My water "broke" either sometime Wednesday or Thursday morning (I say "broke" because really I just sprang a pinhole leak).
 The UM Birth Center Triage had me come in Thursday afternoon, confirmed that that was the case, and admitted me.

 Contractions would come for me when I walked around (for hours), but stopped as soon as I stopped.

The doctors and nurses wanted to start me on pitocin, which I have in general been against because I think hospitals a lot of times push it to keep people on some artificial schedule and because in my opinion inductions have increased rates of c-sections and go hand in hand with people thinking they can't do labor without an epidural.
 But, I agreed and they started me on a low level drip of pitocin at around 10:45pm.
(and, at least for my body, I didn't think it made the contractions any more intense, it just got labor going...and fast.  So, my soapbox stance may need some modifications.)

 About an hour and a half in, the nurse said to let her know in a few hours when I felt any pressure, etc...I called her back in 5 minutes later feeling kind of silly doing so...but they checked me and everyone started hopping because apparently I was in delivery mode. A couple of pushes later she was here.

 I'm so thankful everything went well. I love this little being so much already, and I know I'm biased, but I think she's pretty cute.

I'm also thankful to have my mom here (she arrived on the 10th).
I think it made all the difference to Des to be able to stay at home in familiar surroundings while we were at the hospital.
He has moments of anxiety at sharing his momma (and daddy), but overall is doing so good and loves to kiss and hold his little sister. 

Don't mind the picture overload...I just can't help myself.

I think she looks like Curt's sister, Megan, and a lot like Des looked when he was first born.
We'll see what the next few weeks hold...babies just change so very fast...I have to drink it in while I can.

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Sheena said...

Congratulations! And I totally agree with you on the pitocin stuff. I think that it's important to go in with a plan for yourself and what you want, but be open to modifying as things progress. I'm glad that it went so well!

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