Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm married to an old(er) man...

Curt just had the milestone birthday of turning 30.

I've mentioned before how our usual birthday protocol is really low key, we don't usually do gifts (well, we jokingly call any large purchase we already are making for the month{s} before and after 'birthday gifts'), we don't do parties, we don't even typically go out to dinner.
We do tell each other happy birthday, we do maybe make something special for dinner at home.
I like things this way...maybe it's because I feel so blessed as to have all I need and beyond built into our budget that it just feels good to not have to do occasions...but then again, maybe I'm just obstinate and backwards.
Definitely a possibility.

At any rate, this year I broke out of the usual protocol to show how significant turning 30 is.
I am not a party planner, but we had like 15 adults and their corresponding kids over for a get together.
It was pleasant mayhem.

The biggest thing I did out of the norm though, was this:

 {uh, I accidentally bought trick candles...so sorry Curt...I thought they were just 'sparklers'}

30 layers for 30 years.

so pretty to look at...
 ...and truth be told really fun to play with the food coloring to get just the shades I wanted...

...but so much work I doubt it will be done in my household again.

On another birthday related note, my Mom has impeccable timing.
This showed up right on the big day...

the inside reads "The more you have, the harder it is to breathe.   Have a happy one! (Birthday, that is.)"
 Struck me as funny, and has made me giggle every time I pass it.

Happy 30th my sweetheart.



Ashley said...

Oh my word! That is the most amazing cake EVER! I cannot even imagine how much time you spent on that! I love it!!!

Sheena C. said...

That cake is amazing!

Monica said...

You are maybe the most ambitiously creative woman ever! I admire you for it!

Shauna said...

Awesome cake!!!!

Peter said...

Epic cake! Happy birthday, Curt!

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Curt! What a fun cake!!

Alan said...

We celebrate birthdays like you guys do...except without the epic cakes.

Happy Birthday, Curt!

Victoria Gilbert said...

A MA ZING!!!! Wow! I am just stunned by the awesomeness of that cake. You rock!

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