Thursday, April 7, 2011

My cabinets get some jewelry

So, to elaborate a little bit on what constitutes a "hard day" for me...
I kind of had this picture in my head of being a stay at home mom and me easily having a fed/dressed/happy baby, dinner ready when Curt gets home, laundry done, a clean house, sleep, and plenty of time left over to do home organization and beautification projects.

I'll pause for a moment to let you have a good laugh.

Yeah, I know.

To be honest I think that I've been blessed and should be so content with what I have been able to do:
fed/dressed/happy baby: check
dinner ready when Curt gets home: for the most part, check
laundry done: check, way better than was my enemy and now I kinda like it
a clean house: eh, for the most part, check
sleep: really, I can't complain too much for having a newborn...but I could use some more
...that leaves


I hadn't been able to do any. 
(well, I did sneak in painting the second coat on the new trim on the entry when my mom was here...but I'm not counting that)

So I felt a little out of sorts..thus the last post and Curt loving me and bringing me flowers.

But, the next day I was determined... I plopped Desmond down in his bouncy chair in the kitchen, and installed the hardware that I've had since we moved in but which has been sitting in a drawer.

...and I felt much better about myself.

Bonus: I found out during this project that the sounds of my drill do not upset Des...not only do they not disturb him they actually lull him to sleep.  No stinking way did I get this baby that is so perfect for me.

And I love him.  So much.



Sharee said...

Way to go Carmen, I don't think I get a single check on any one of those things on that list (despite having straight checks before kids). some days I do laundry.... part way. Does that mean I get half a check? I am very impressed by your skills and determination. I think I lost all my energy when Kyla turned...well, one. That was two and a half years ago....

Alicia said...

Nice job! Cabinets look beautiful and kinda like the ones in our apartment, which is why I picked it!! Except yours are nicer and you have a nicer counter top! :-)

Sheena Chaston said...

Must be all that drilling you did while your little one was in-utero. Hopefully that means that when our fetus emerges she'll be really good at sleeping through loud talking, because otherwise I'm in big trouble...

And the cabinets look beautiful! I wish that I lived by you so that you could teach me how to do some of this cool stuff. I'm not really in to craftiness but I could definitely get in to projects of the Carmen variety.

Warren said...

Sounds like you're doing tons!

Both of our kids love white noise (when they're very small). We started with the vacuum cleaner and the car radio. It's surprisingly magical.

I don't know why it works, but I have a theory. I think that a very small crying child is disturbed by his own crying--a difficult cycle to break. But, if we raise the white noise up high enough, it can break the cycle. Unless, of course there is something real like hunger or a tennis ball bothering the child. Or the sad day has come where she just doesn't like white noise anymore.

I'm excited for your kids!

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