Friday, January 22, 2010

Posts I plan on doing...

I have many things that I plan on sharing here, it's just finding the time to do so.  So I will give you a preview and then hopefully be able to illustrate each with their own post with lots of pictures later.

  • We're most of the way done creating a small gym in our basement

We bought a treadmill, brought back our excercise bike from Utah, and bought a small flat screen TV.  Things left to do before I consider this first step complete? Hang a clock that we have (because right now I'm in some kind of limbo..."how  long have I been excercising?"), and get a rug to cover the concrete in the area (less cold and sterile).

  • I have started the process of creating our second guest room.

I painted the upper 1/3 of the walls with some free paint that I got from a Glidden giveaway.  I still need to put up a trim treatment on the lower 2/3 of the wall and then paint.

  • I have started to focus on getting home decor that I can take with me.

With a Target gift card (thanks uncle Alan!) and my January home discretionary budget I have gotten 6 of the 9 picture frames I need as the first step to complete the plan in my head for covering one of the big empty walls in my living room.  I have also started collecting glass containers that I like from the Salvation Army to create a fun display for the mantle.

*Last note: It was my step-mom, Jann's, BIRTHDAY on the 19th.  See the birthday post here from last year for pictures.

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