Thursday, January 7, 2010


Last year our Christmas was similar to most other days.
Not that we were trying to be ba-humbug or anything, but we had just layed out an enormous amount of our resources on a new house and on the hefty sum that U of M calls two classes worth of tuition.
So, we didn't get each other anything.
We didn't feel short changed (how could we, with such huge blessings like a house and the opportunity for further education?), but we were here in Michigan...with no kids in sight...and so it really felt like a normal day off work.

But this year, this year, it was Christmas.
Kiddos doing countdowns and bouncing off walls, Mom's crazy good cinnamon rolls, family all around.
Warm, happy, magical.

...and I didn't take as many pictures of that day as I should have but I'll give you the unrepresentative sampling that I do have.

card playing with the family - always a highlight
I take pictures at the wrong moments though, everyone looks kind of downcast.
It actually is very lively with some good natured bantering and trash talk, punctuated by my grandpa's startling belly laugh and slapping of the table.

Suffice it to say we had a wonderful day.

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