Monday, February 23, 2009

This month has been very, very regular.
Mondays: Work, Class (Accounting for Curt)
Tuesdays: Work, Gym
Wednesdays: Work, Class (Finance Curt, Institute Carmen)
Thursdays: Work, Gym
Fridays: Work, Gym
Saturday: Help the house recover from the week.
Laundry, Cleaning, Installing Window Coverings, Etc.
Sunday: Church, Callings Stuff, Naps.

Not what I would call my most blog inspiring moments.
But I love my life and my routine.
I have lots of crafts I could be doing, but I need a little bit more time + next months household budget to hit.
I want Spring so I can have pretty pictures from outside.

So I guess all I have to report at the moment is that we are getting really buff.
(thus the cool picture at the top of this post)

*Plus we paid off our car as a Valentines gift to ourselves*

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Alicia said...

Good for you guys!!! Brandon and I are getting the opposite of buff and needed the inspiration. Nice work!

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