Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Well, I have a couple pictures of the house I would like to take...but there are several small disaster areas in the way. So for now I'll show you what we have been up to this weekend that can be included without the mess.

The young women's group in our ward had a valentines dinner dance last night as a fundraiser for camp. I made these cheesecake brownies for the auction.
Yeah, it was tough not to eat them.
I had to make cookies to make sure I didn't eat the brownies.

This past week we have had several warm-ish days that melted all the snow.
We woke up to this.

Which makes my fingers do this.

*PS, today is Curt's and my 6th Valentine's Day spent in each others presence.

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Lori said...

That snow looks beautiful and so do the brownies:)

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