Thursday, November 6, 2008

gosh it's dark

So, daylight savings kind of sucks.
It was 5:45pm when we got to our house to check out the progress and it was pitch black outside.

But hey, technology is wonderful, so camera flash + a run through picasa made it so that we could see. (I'll have a bunch of better pictures after this Saturday's day visit).

I think that they painted some of the outside of the house.
Kind of hard to tell, we'll have to see later.

We have appliances!
I'm so excited to have a microwave again!!!
(I left ours in Utah, doh)

And we have carpet...the finishing touch.
Now all they need to do is clean.
Oh, and do a tiny little thing like turn the power on.

I did get a call from the project manager today saying that DTE says that they still have it on their schedule to fix all of our power problems next week. We shall see.
But they did come and put a stake in the ground where they are moving the transformer box to, that's something right? ha ha.


Shauna said...

Looking Exciting!!!!!!!

Sheena Chaston said...

So jealous, your house is beautiful!

Carmen said...

Thanks! I'm feeling incredibly blessed at the moment. Even if we have to postpone a week, unpacking the boxes that we've lived out of for the better part of a year is just around the corner.

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