Sunday, December 16, 2007

Family pictures of the past

Tis the season where in my family Christmas cards get sent out with pictures depicting scenes from the past year. Many times there seems to be an "Oh crap..." moment that my mom realizes that she has, yet again, failed to take any pictures the whole year. Thus the hurried December after church picture (such as the following example) which is developed and mailed out the following day.

Melynda, David, Mom, Lane, and Me

Me, Lane, Dad, Melynda, David

Dad's a little more apt to take pictures throughout the year, but he has his own quirks (such as posing two things he loves very much, his kids and big machinery).

On another note, some fantastic news. Grassy Lake, a camping spot we went to every year for like 15 years, was sadly drained and the surrounding pines infested with bark beatles, making it inhospitable for the past several years (that's not the good news, wait for it...). But my dad has made a visit there and reports that it has made a full recovery and should be able to host this next year's family reunion! Yay!

So, in it's honor I have posted just a few pictures from the area in the past.

Me, Melynda, Lane, and David; looking fabulous in the flannel era
(notice also that Melynda, my little sister, has at this point surpassed me in height by quite a bit)

Melynda, David, Lane, and Me

Melynda, Me, David, Dad, Lane

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