Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in pictures




Mom, Grandpa, and Grandma

Grandma, Dad, and Jann

Shane with the first 3 Harry Potter books of his very own.

Shane with his globe (what a cool present!!)

Tony and Dad

Mom and some new salt and pepper shakers ( clear so she can see when they're empty :) )

Shaners with his tinker toys (yes, my Grandma is the coolest ever and found a huge new canister of real tinker toys) I love playing with them too.

Talking to missionaries (in this case it was Lane)...

...and talking (Lane again)...

...and talking (David now).

Fun day. We got mom some lamps for Christmas, but they are in the re-done room that Lane doesn't want to see until he comes home. So, we'll try some here if you would like to see them.


Shauna said...

I dont know if it is my computer or what... some of the photos arent showing up. Looks like so much fun! We missed you!!!!!

Carmen said...

Did I fix the picture problem?

Shauna said...

Yep! Great pics!

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