Wednesday, May 9, 2007

We got a Wii!!!! (not "We gotta wee")

If you've never played on the new Nintendo Wii, you have to come over and try it out. It is the only video game system that Carmen actually enjoys playing. The games are easy to figure out, but still hard to perfect. The coolest thing is the controller. You actually have to move the controller to make it work. It's like when little kids play race car games, they think they will steer better if they twist the controller. With the Wii, that's exactly how it works! We have the sports games, and I'm getting good at bowling. My golf skills are improving too, I sunk a putt and won a prize at work thanks to the practice on the Wii.


Shauna said...

If Carmen likes it ... I will, too! Wiiiiiiiiiiiii

Britney&Brock said...

hey I got a Wii too! Brock spent the night outside of Target back in December to get it for me for Christmas. they even interviewed him on the news. i don't play it as much these days, but i still love it!

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