Thursday, May 17, 2007


I guess Carmen decided which project will be next. I think I was setting up the Wii, reading or something, when she decided to start ripping out the old baseboards in the living room. I spent a while the other night painting the new baseboard all the same color, and the next day, we started cutting and nailing it in place. Finally, Carmen gets to use the nail gun she got for Christmas!

In addition to seeing the new baseboards, in the last picture you will see the results of one our first projects. I don't know if the family we
bought this house from was color blind or just didn't care, but it seemed that all of the electric
outlets and light switches were different colors. We even have one spot where there were three different colors on a panel of four switches, with a face plate in yet another non-matching panel. It was a fairly easy fix to replace them all with white ones, but it makes a BIG difference.

One funny story that goes along with the electrical outlet/switch changing project is how we couldn't find the circuit breaker. We obviously didn't want to be changing any outlets with the power still on, but we just couldn't find the
breaker. We checked all the normal spots (garage, basement, closets, etc) and nothing.
Thanks to my wife, the handy-ma'am, she was able to realize that she need only to follow the conduit from the central A/C unit through the attic and onto the other side of the house where we found the breaker on the outside of the house. Who would have thought it would be on the outside? I can already see some punk kid (Andrew...Tony, maybe?) come by in the summer time to flip the switch while we are sleeping so we wake up in a sweat with no A/C.

Keep posted for more home improvement projects. We don't know what is next, but it will either be a retaining wall for our backyard tiered
planters, or painting an accent wall in our master bedroom.


Shauna said...

Oh come on... Andrew? Tony? Flip an outside switch OFF? Are you sure we are talking about the same people! I just can't picture it!?!?!?!?
I tryly can't wait to see the projects in person!

Shauna said...

See Ben's Blog to see if you are reminded of a Jeff story.

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