Saturday, December 30, 2017


This year we woke up at home on Christmas morning, opened gifts, ate some cinnamon rolls, packed up, and headed down to Florida.

 {Waffle House for lunch, Des' mouth is in major tooth transition}

We stopped by Curt's grandparent's place in Orlando and then headed to our destination, his parent's in West Palm Beach.

We played a bunch of games, went shopping, and saw that the president was in town.

 {we were having family pictures the next morning so I laid everything out to prepare/make sure we had everything}

Grandma had the kids make fun gingerbread houses.

We briefly went to see the dogs at the races.


And Shauna held her annual get together to see a bunch of people.

 I stayed up late to go to a movie (Jumanji) with the sisters-in-law (hilarious, by the way).

And then we packed back up to head home.

 {cousins who are going to miss each other}

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