Monday, February 6, 2017


Not too much happened in January (not complaining, I like low-key).

{Curt got to fly one of the new simulators at work}

{we had an icy few days, during which our downstairs heater decided to be on the fritz. We got that fixed about the same time everything melted and Spring decided to arrive}
{trying to warm up with the downstairs fireplace. pretty unsuccessful, apparently its just for looks} 

 {Curt took Evie on a 24 hour-ish trip to Utah to spend some one-on-one time, visit grandparents, and to attend a reception}

 {we taught both these kids in a 13 year old sunday school class in Michigan, now they're married to each other. I kind of feel a little old. so happy for them though}

{pretty morning with a light fog}

{all our daffodils blooming}

 And now we're still hunkering down just waiting for baby time.

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Sheena said...

Daffodils blooming in January! Pretty short "winter"!

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