Sunday, November 30, 2014

visitor from Utah: mom

The Sunday after McKay was born my mom flew into town.
It's always good to see her, but it's extra good when you're trying to recuperate physically from having a baby and mentally trying to wrap your head around having three kids.

She stayed two and a half weeks.
We mostly did normal around the house stuff.
Plus had electricians and plumbers in on the bonus room project.
And we did throw in a shopping trip, park, mexican food, and an aquarium visit.

And then she went home.
Saying goodbye would have been a whole lot harder if we weren't heading out to Utah in a little bit to see everyone.
But it was still hard.
{miss you mommy}

{Evie 'helping' mom with her workout}

{a beautiful Fall day at the park}

{Evie and her salsa...don't mess}



Sharee said...

Man! You are so lucky! I had my mom the longest for baby #4 and she stayed one week. All those shots of your mom were beautiful. She is beautiful. Congrats on the new baby. You must be heading to Utah for Christmas. I am sad we will miss you. We may be moving there in February though, so then we will get to see you whenever you come visit. Yay!

Carmen said...

I agree that I am lucky to have momma! We're actually going out not for Christmas but to bless McKay with Nixon (Lane's little one). I hope you do move to UT so I can see you more. Heck, I'd love to move to UT to see everyone more.

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