Thursday, April 19, 2012

Utah Trip: Grandpa Losee's funeral

Conference weekend my Dad was down in Delta staying with my grandparents.
Talking/Skyping made it quite obvious that grandpa wasn't doing so great, and sure enough, the morning of Monday, April 2nd he passed away.

So I booked a flight for the baby and I, and headed out to Utah for a week.

Brielle and Des spent some good cousin time together.
It's fun, because they're getting to the ages that they can interact with each other, even if it took a little while for Ellie to get that Des wasn't quite as steady as her at standing/walking.

On Saturday morning Mom, Shane, Lane, Des, and I headed down to Nina's place in Saratoga Springs and then we all piled in to her large SUV to head to the funeral in Delta.
Carpooling is so fun.

(David and Kelsi followed behind, they had been planning on heading down the night before but changed their mind) 

The funeral was at the Sutherland chapel.  I remember going to church here as a kid.  We spent a good portion of our weekends down on the farm when I was little.

The funeral was amazing.  Looking at the program I thought that it was going to be forever long, but it worked out great.  There were a lot of really touching musical grandpa loved music.

I think the best tribute though, was that every single living child and grandchild showed up, even though I wasn't the only one coming from out of state and there's something like 43 of us.

It was really, really good to see everyone.

In addition to being a farmer, grandpa served in World War II and was a firefighter at the Dugway proving grounds.  He had a strong love of country. 

Lane and David served as pall bearers.

There was a gun salute that had all the babies crying afterwards.

The presentation of the flag to grandma was pretty sad.

There was a family dinner afterwards that filled up the whole cultural hall.

fuzzy picture but I love it anyways.


Sunday through Tuesday was some good family hang out time, and unfortunately for me, recuperation time. I came down pretty sick and was glad to have parents to take care of me and the boy.

Flew home Wednesday.  Des was not happy with the flight, cried almost the entire time.
I dislike being that person that well meaning people come up to to suggest things to try, all of which have been tried {over and over}.
  By the end I was crying too.  But we got home safe and things are good.

Looking forward to the flight in May :)


staci annie said...

oh, carmen, so sorry for your loss.

Sharee said...

WHAT flight in May??? Tell me when you come to town so we can get together! We are actually headed out to Cincinnati for the summer. We will be leaving in mid may. How close is that to you?

Sharee said...

Also, I am so sorry about your Grandpa. I know how much time you spent with them down in Delta. Lastly, I am so sorry about your flight. Flights are a million times harder once children are involved. I remember when I used to look forward to the time to read and relax. Now I dread it with a passion.

Carolyn said...

I didn't realize that we had every cousin there. That is pretty impressive. Great pictures!

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