Thursday, June 30, 2011

May and June trips to Utah

So, I've been gone a lot {for me} in the past two months.

This will be a long recap post, but I'll probably be doing some detail posts later.

First up was a week and a half long trip for my little brother, David's, wedding.
I got to hang out for a bit, I painted the base cabinets in my mom's kitchen, met Lane's girlfriend {now fiancee} Kinsey, did a bunch of wedding stuff {all of the floral arrangements and the wedding cake}, and introduced Des to a bunch of his relatives {who I'm sure he loves and I can't see why the feeling wouldn't be reciprocated}.


Lane, Kinsey, Shane, Baby Des

Nin and Zan

Momma and Ellie

Me and the Baby

The newly married couple

Curt and the Baby

I was pleased with how the cake turned out

Me and Kinsey

Second trip is a week long jaunt we just got back from for Melynda's "wedding".
I put 'wedding' in quotation marks because this is actually the time of their first anniversary, but this was the big party that they invited everyone to since last year was a legalize it type deal.
This trip I painted my mom's upper kitchen cabinets, did some wedding stuff {decorated the wedding cake, was a bridesmaid...wore orange...oh the sacrifices I make for those I love}, and introduced Des to a bunch more relatives and friends.


Dad and Jann


Kinsey and Lane

The cake
...Melynda made two cakes for the bottom layer {they were massive} and rice crispy stuff for the top two layers, then handed it over to me to put together and decorate

such a pretty setting

Ellie and her punch mustache

the wedding was held at a neat place called Wadley Farms

Me, Curt, and the boy

My pretty Nina

and her cute little family
Mia, Nin, Ellie, Zan, and Jex


staci annie said...

dang. i am super impressed with the cakes!

Sharee said...

Yay for this post! Since I had to miss all of it and would have loved to have been there... by the way, you did a most fantastic job on BOTH cakes and you looked Beautiful in Orange. Please tell me you will be there for Lane's wedding too, because that is one I think I will actually make it to, although I will be 9 months pregnant so I should not even be leaving the house at that point... scares too many people...

Carmen said...

@Stace - thank you much!

@Sharee - oh my gosh I would be so excited to see you at Lane's shin dig (I wouldn't miss it for the world)

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