Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hmmm, I find myself with many projects that I want to show you, but darn it all, I've gotten them to the 85-95% done stage and then -oops- I hit the phase of pregnancy where even rolling myself out of bed is a little bit challenging.

The good news is that I'm at 39 weeks.
39 out of 40.
Wow, this thing is getting close.

So, I'll give you some teasers of what I have been doing, but know that I fully intend on doing a post on each project once 100% complete and cleaned up.

  • Well, our piano room was actually meant to be a dining room.  As such it had a hanging light fixture that Curt had to be really careful not to run into as he was walking around...he was not always successful in his efforts.  Not ideal.  And then an epiphany happened..."hey, we have vaulted ceilings in our master bedroom...and our light fixture in the bedroom isn't that large...".  And so I switched them.
Teaser photo:
Before: piano room light
In the background you can see glimpses of projects #2 & 3

  • I have installed trim for an accent wall in our entry and painted its first coat.  It needs a second coat.
  • I had from Christmas through New Years off of work...during that time I painting the entire first floor. Man, I'm pooped just remembering it.  So worth it though, I love how it turned out.  Technically this project is done, but to show you I would feel the need to have a cleaned up downstairs...which is so not happening right now.
  • The nursery currently has crib, dressers, glider, and drapes in place.  The paint and trim treatment have been done in this room for about a year, I just have not shown it yet. This room also had a major closet upgrade to enhance storage capabilities.  I still need to frame the art I want up and to make a bed skirt for the crib though.
  • The guest room is well into its transformation from merely a guest room to guest room/craft room.  The closet in this room also received an upgrade and the storage space has been increased dramatically, it's so stinking pretty and organized. 

In the mean time, if you want to look at some pretty rooms you can always head on over to my tumblr site, exquisite-sublime (you can click here, or you can always use the link on my sidebar).  It's where I keep track of a lot of my inspiration photos.


Sheena Chaston said...

I think that I need to move to/buy a house in Michigan, so that you can teach me how to do all of this super cool home improvement/refurbishing stuff!

Lane said...

It's about time you updated your blog! Pregnancy is a poor excuse! :)

Carolyn said...

Good luck! Can't wait to see pictures and hear details!

Jason said...
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Victoria Gilbert said...

It sounds like you nest like I do... extreme home projects! :) haha
Can't wait to meet your little boy and see all your projects finished! (when you get around to them! haha)

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