Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My husband is awesome...

For he got me this drill I have been drooling over just because.
I was surprised, and actually OK with being surprised.
More than OK, ecstatic.
Why was I good with this surprise and how was I surprised?
(good question actually, seeing as how I am the master of our family accounting and see all in/outflows)
(that's why I'm usually not too keen on surprises; doesn't the thought ever cross other women's minds "wow, that's great you were thinking of me sweetheart, but I just wasn't planning on spending that money right now")
He earns something called "perk points" for being great at work.  And he used some to get me a tool.
Awwww, that is so stinking cute.

So, can I tell you why I love this particular drill so much?
It's itty bitty and fits my small hands well.
And it's an impact drill, meaning it's hammering in the screws at the same time as screwing them in.
Which is handy in situations where putting my full body weight still doesn't give the heft needed to drive something in.

What can I say, tools were invented for girls.


Ashley said...

Ahh, what a sweetheart! Yes, that thought does cross my mind. Truthfully, (since I know Scott won't see this,) when I saw how much he spent on the flowers for our anniversary, I wanted to tell him I'd much rather use that money for other things. But he did mean well, and maybe I'll tell him a few months before our next anniversary. :)

Sharee said...

I really had to laugh at this post because this is exactly how it is at our house. There is no way for Brandon to surprise me because I do everything that has to do with money. I see everything. Not only am I picky about when we can afford things, but I also want to know every detail of what we are getting when we spend money = bad for surprises. I really miss the surprises, so it is kind of sad. But there is no way I am giving up on my money watching... so it is what it is. Congrats on the drill. Just reading your post made ME want one!

Anonymous said...

The news of this new tool, is almost as good as the Ultrasound news...
Congrats on the new red skin addition to the family !
Love ya,

Gardener said...

Way better then flowers! Way to go Curt!

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