Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Today is Mommy's birthday.
I am celebrating by getting out the picture book.
I love that I am the keeper of the family pictures.

Picture at the hospital, brand new baby Melody.

Pretty baby.

I love that my grandma has labeled these pictures.  Seeing her handwriting just reminds me of her and makes me happy.

Don't you just love how Grandma can pull off any style and look awesome, look at that beehive hair.

Mom is smack dab in the middle of seven children.

So beautiful.

Hey, I hope today is a lovely one for you Mom.

Love you.

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Sharee said...

I remember most of those pictures because my dad has them too. Melody looks so beautiful and I must point out that my dad was so cute/handsome... I guesss G & G Topham just have some good genes!

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