Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy Birthday Mom
(on Sept. 30th)

Me and Mom just chillin.

Me, Mom, and Melynda
This must have been taken by Dad...I can never keep my eyes open in front of his camera.

Mommy at Leatherby's after Shane's baptism.

Mom and Shane

Me, Mom, and Melynda

Me and Mom.
Yeah, we had rockin' green colors in our house.
And Mom had the stylin' poofy hair.

Me zonkered out at the Hogle Zoo.
Mom was expecting Melynda at this time.

This is what happens when we all come home and mom is sleeping... pile on mom's bed!

Me and Mom in Mexico.

Happy Birthday Mom...sorry it took so long to get your post up.
Love you!

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Sharee said...

Boy do you have one FABULOUS/BEAUTIFUL mother - I miss her!!

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