Monday, August 5, 2019

a Georgia family reunion

Curt's grandparents are having their 60th anniversary soon, so to celebrate the whole family convened at a cabin near Blue Ridge, Georgia at the end of July.

A couple days before the actual reunion, Curt's aunt Jenni and her family came to stay with us from Rhode Island.
They did the Porsche driving experience and then Curt took them through the hangar.

People from Pensacola, West Palm Beach, Orlando, and Jacksonville, Florida, Rhode Island, New Jersey, North Carolina, Utah, and Idaho trickled in Wednesday evening and Thursday.

We fit a little less than 40 people in the cabin so it was cozy :)
There was a stream through the property that led to the bigger river and it was beautiful.

{the parking from this big crew}


We had so much good food.
Café Rio type stuff Thursday, Italian meatballs on Friday, killer stuff from the grill on Saturday.

So much time just talking, playing games, and little kids running around.


Friday night we gathered outside for family pictures.
We were in a remote place and it would have been a pain to get a photographer, so I just brought my tripod and the pictures I'm in I just set a timer and ran like mad to get in place in time.
I'm sure that was entertaining for everyone else to watch.



Curt's cousin, Ashley, made this cake. 
Grandma and Grandpa Hogie's wedding flower was a gladiolus so she made some to put on top.

I've scanned most of grandpa's pictures over the past few years, so I put together a summary picture book of their lives so far and gave it to them.

The kids had fun with a bunch of makeup and other colorful things Curt's cousin, Nicole, brought.

Some of the group took an excursion out to a local orchard.

Pie night. Like I said, tons of good food.

Curt snuck out Saturday afternoon to fly down to Florida for his 20th high school reunion, then flew back early Sunday morning.

 {many cases of soda were consumed over the duration}

Sunday afternoon the first section of the crew left and little by little people headed out until the last group of us left Monday morning.

 {the baby 'helping' great-grandpa take things to the car}

Get togethers like this are so fun. I love family and it's good to spend time reinforcing those bonds (and in the cases of in-laws and the kids, creating those bonds).
I'm so glad that everyone made the effort to be here, it's a miracle in a group this size not to be missing anyone.

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