Tuesday, April 2, 2019

January, February, March


 {lining up to wave goodbye to their dad heading to work}

{Evie and I went to Amsterdam}

 {Evie's always making lists}

 {little tiny boy who thinks he's big}

 {he loves going to the bus stop with the big kids in the morning}

 {pile on dad}

 {burning off some branches from the yard and excess boxes}

 {an IKEA visit with my little buddy to get a dresser for Des' birthday}

 {he's reached the stage that he's drawing on everything; himself, walls, carpet...a little menace}

{hanging out while McKay is at a preschool field trip}

{"wok" = rock}


 {I took our two oldest to Utah for my nephew's blessing}

 {Curt went to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas for work} 

 {the first things started blooming}

 {we had conferences at the kids school}

{Edison turned 2}

 {he's a daredevil and has had the bruises to prove it, climbing everywhere}

 {evaluating the Valentine loot}

 {Des helped to make and then decorate his birthday cake to bring with us on our trip}

 {had to delay the departure to the beach trip for an overnight hospital stay for this little dude}

 {but we got to Destin and it was wonderful, if a bit chillier than normal}

 {Des turned 8}

 {and got baptized...a couple cousins came up from Florida to be here for it} 


 {Evie 'love monster' art}

{Des art}

 {he likes to hide in this little 'fort' area behind a chair with the shutters serving as walls}

 {his sister loves flowers}

 {entertainment during church}

 {the day before heading to Paris our dishwasher started leaking all over the floor...I got it cleaned up and out of the kitchen, but our new dishwasher didn't come until the end of the month}

 {Curt's mom came and took care of the kids so Curt and I could go to Paris}

 {I got a print of a painting I love, can't wait to frame it and get it up on a wall}

 {home improvement store visits for a couple trim projects I want to do}

 {trim going up...these things always take a bunch of time though since I don't really work on them except for Saturday mornings}

 {the pollen is insane...this is two hours parked outside}

 {so Curt gave the cars baths, knowing full well they'd need it again fast}

 {all that yellow is pollen}

 {Curt went to a work retreat at this beautiful place, I am smitten by that old fashioned bank of cubby holes behind the desk} 

 {lego cake for lego themed blue and gold banquet}

{Curt's still the YM president and went on a hike with some of the boys} 

 {leaves starting to show up}

 {argh, that baby! I've never had a kid so naughty with the drawing on stuff, and he's so fast}

 {the school had me check Evie out early because of a weird rash, luckily it went away the next day}

 {Des Picasso style art}

 {Des and I volunteered with a bunch of people to clean up an old slave cemetery}

{Evie's hair is getting long}

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