Tuesday, October 10, 2017

summer through now

Here are some odds and ends of our lives from the last several months that don't include our trips.

 {some pool time}

 {some cuteness}

 {we fenced in part of the backyard, tore down our deck, and tore out the paver patio}

{we tore all that stuff out to clear up our view and to decrease maintenance}

{more cuteness}

 {we did some sparklers after we got back from our 4th of July trips}

 {Curt took the kids camping in the backyard in the humidity, the kids had fun}

 {some spectacular skies}

 {we all went to the dentist}

{Curt had a birthday}

 {Curt, Des, and friend Tessa, and her dad Ryan went to a Braves game}

 {we watched an eclipse}

{Des started school again}

 {Curt went to Florida for a guys weekend with his dad and brothers}

 {climbing up anything and everything}

 {playing outside}

 {my little brother's grandma died from cancer, one of those times I hate living far away}

 {the tropical storm remains of hurricane Irma came through and made a bit of a mess of the yard}

{Curt and I put on a girls pine wood derby for the 8-11 year old girls in our ward}

 {we got concrete poured to replace all the things we tore out}

{making some progress on the yard, lots more to do}

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